In the beginning, there was nothing;

then she spoke...

Hey everyone, Tamara here. I just wanted to put something up to share where this newsletter is going. Places, that’s where it is going, places.

TG Writer is going to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur in the freelance world. Im a freelance writer and journalist. It's a battleground trying to sell your words — no matter if those words are copy, product reviews, scripts, or a novel. As writers, we are emotionally attached to our words — some more than others — and when they are rejected, its a slap to the ego.

I know I am continually searching for ways to enhance, broaden, engage, and lighten my writing. Gigs don't elegantly fall in your lap, you gotta' land in there's; a slow dramatic Hollywood faint maybe —covered brow sighing as you go in, batting your eyes and smiling. You need to get there attention. I’m more of the kick the door in with a “read this shit!” sweaty worn knuckles, wild hair and coffee on my shirt.

As a content writer and aspiring novelist and screen-write, I appreciate the fact all of us share the struggle. There isn't some magic word portal we go through and come out on the other side, perfect writers. It is a challenge in the ever-changing wold style books and SEOs and marketing copies. The world of words expands farther than Webster and deeper than … an ellipsis? I don't know.

What I am wanting to say is, I look forward to meeting new people and discussing new tricks and old tricks of the trade. I want us to explore the best way to market yourself as a "wordsmith" and discuss building portfolios. I'm not selling pipe benders here, I am selling myself, and I have learned how to do it by digging in and mastering my craft. However, I still hate and forever will hate grammar.

In the months to come, I will be building off of my network and working in Interviews — if anyone wants to share, contact me here >>

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I will also be working in job posts and putting together a storyboard for, well, stories. Fiction or non-, I just want it to be entertaining. I love an excellent true story, though. Sometimes reality can't be made up. Life is entertaining. I want to hear the story behind your freelancing.

Looking forward to exploring ...


TG Writer